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Mona Compassionate Psychic Astrology Cards

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I will use my profound lifelong psychic gift to give you crystal clear and direct answers to all your important questions .


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Abilities Medium
Expertise Career/work, Deceased loved ones, Destiny/life path, Family/home, Health, Love/relationships, Money/finance
Tools Astrology, Cards
Style Compassionate

About me

Clairvoyant, Astrologer and Card Reader for over 30 years. Get answers to questions important only to you. Uses three abilities simultaneously (intuitive perception, Astrology , and card layout to gain insightful details and specific timelines). “It’s like there is a psychic clock in her head.” Said one client. Specializes in Horary Astrology (answers to questions determined by time question is formed or asked) and Electional Astrology (the best time for you to take an action such as get married, start a business, file a lawsuit, to conceive a child, have an operation). The questions are as varied as any situation or important actions to be taken but as specific as you are as an individual. No pre-printed or computer generated answers. She predicts outcome of trials, whether a relationship will work, hours best to gamble, will book be published, how long until employed, when will my house sell . Help in determining times to overcome addictions with as much ease as possible. Dream interpretations are available. Karmic lessons can be determined. Mona often gets visionary images of past life roles her clients have played. Credits: Hosted own radio call in program; appeared on TV panel shows; used by metro-city police department to assist in locating fugitives and missing people. Taught all levels of Astrology in two colleges for seven years.

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