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Homoeopathy: Medicine or Charlatanism?

Although the methods of homeopathy have at least 200 years of history behind them, nowadays it is getting more and more popular in the world. The advocates of traditional medicine consider it all humbug while others say that this method cured their diseases.


The main guidelines of homeopathy have not changed in centuries. The rule is still valid today that the “the cure is similar to the illness”. This means that they try to cure any disease with the help of much-diluted forms (which carries the cause of the symptoms) of this same disease. This way they try to motivate the human body to cure itself, to fight against the disease with its own weapons.

Advantages of Homeopathy

Considering that people using traditional medicine have to face serious consequences or side effects, it is not surprising that homeopathy is very popular (being without side effects). Homeopathy is a very gentle treatment, thanks to the high degree of dilution of the ‘disease’ there are no side effects.

The production processes of homeopathic pills are the same as they were in the beginning. Only natural plant, animal or other mineral raw materials are used which are then mixed with water, alcohol or milk and sugar, and this mixture is shaken periodically, over a specified time frame and with a specific intensity. The dilution ratio gives the potency of the homeopathic pill shown in the name, for example next to the ‘CH’ symbol.

Is this useful or not?

While many people do not believe in it, and sometimes even health care representatives explicitly oppose this product, there are other doctors who consider themselves homeopathy experts and use this method to cure all kinds of diseases. Homeopathic doctors and experts usually take the whole body’s symptoms into consideration and will determine the specific homeopathic product that would improve the patient’s condition. Therefore, it is often emphasized that homeopathy is an individualised therapy. Even in a case of simple flu it is true that two different people will not necessarily get the same homeopathic product.

In particular, pregnant women, mothers and those patients who are already sick from the side effects of traditional medicine will prefer this therapy. While many former patients who u

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