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Moon Diary

Personal Guidance and Trends for Moon Cycles "When the moon is Tamam (full) everything is perfect" – Arabic saying When the moon is in the particular sign it enhances certain areas of your life...The moon changes signs every 2-3 days.


Moon in Aries

Moon in Aries

1. When the moon is in Aries dress for success. A good day for court appearances and job interviews. Wear red and black in the boardroom and the bedroom!

2. When the moon is in Aries increase your passion. Wear red lingerie for ladies or red underwear for guys. Do something daring!

3. Wear power suits to win job interviews and court appearances – black suit with a touch of red with a tie or lipstick. Unleash the warrior in you! You are a winner and will feel it!!

4. Ask for a pay rise or promotion. Then go burn off energy at the gym.

5. Start new projects, start new relationships, the moon in Aries will drive you forward.

6. Change your exercise program or start a new one.. Mars energy will assist in getting you up and going.

7. Go for a test drive in a sports car, but watch out for angry motorists.

8. Tap into warrior goddess energy and she will help you with any obstacles today.

9. Watch your temper, don't loose it!!

10. Be in control - take the driver's seat.

11. Use your power, be assertive

12. A great time to start new projects

Moon in Taurus

1. Good time to have a bubble bath and pamper yourself.

2. Do all your beauty treatments and have a new hair cut.

3. Good time to look for properties to buy or rent.

4. Make modifications on your home, redecorate or renovate.

5. Beautify your home, rearrange your furniture or buy some flowers

6. Look after your body, take a massage.

7. Do a pilates, yoga or stretch class.

8. Go to the gym and build the body beautiful with some weight training or a class.

9. Sing in the shower, exercise your vocal cords, start singing lessons.

10. Go to the opera, ballet or an art gallery.

11. Take a dance class, something new and sensual.

12. Indulge in fine foods, shop and make yourself a gourmet dinner.

13. Go out to dine at one or your favourite restaurants or try a new one.

14. Try out a new recipe or two. Cook up a storm!

15. Get in touch with nature and animals.

16. Light candles and meditate to relaxing music.

17. Go shopping for clothes, Venus the planet of beauty is on your side.

18. Time for all the oral experiences like food, wine, singing, sex...

19. A generous and indulgent time

20. Sexual and sensual times are highlighted

Moon in Gemini 

Moon with stars

1. Watch out for that phone, it will be ringing off the hook.

2. Good time to buy gadgets or play with some sort of device that is fiddly

3. A time to juggle different tasks at the one time

4. The urge to communicate in any form will be on the forefront today

5. You may have fickle emotions regarding a relationship today, wait for this moon to pass

6. Don't make any commitments today as you may change your mind in a couple of days

7. A good time to start learning a new language, especially near a new moon in Gemini

8. Take short trips at this time or run around town catching up on errands.

9. You may feel restless under this moon, a good time to get menial things done.

10. A good time for written correspondence, the words will flow.

11. A good time to socialize and let your hair down

12. Light hearted fun can be had with friends

13. Plan an interstate trip for this moon time

14. A good time to be a bit cheeky with co-workers and have some fun

15. A great time to catch up with girlfriends, chatty and gossipy

16. Watch chick flicks

Moon In Cancer

1. Can be an emotional moon, a good time to get in touch with your feelings

2. Connections with your mother or mothering others will come to the forefront under this moon

3. A good time to buy a pet or plan to have a family

4. Focus on children if you have them or other's children

5. A feeling of wanting to be with family can arise under this moon

6. Time to get cozy at home, light a fire and have a sensual evening

7. Good time to go and look at properties or move home

8. You will feel drawn to your clan at this time

9. Looking into the family tree or heritage is accented under this moon

10. Gazing at the moon under this sign is accented

11. Being near water or the beach you will feel connected to the cosmos

12. Not a good time to dump emotional baggage on a loved one

13. You may feel slightly moody or crabby, don't act it out, it will pass

14. Good time to do something creative in the kitchen or have dealings with the hospitality industry

15. Seafood is highlighted

16. A good time to ask for cuddles from someone special

17. Have some nurture time under this moon and look after you or someone you care about

18. A good time to install a Jacuzzi or swimming pool

19. A time of sensitivity and emotional upset

20. Nostalgia and reminiscing

21. Contacting people from the past, relatives and old school friends

Moon in Leo

Moon with wolf

1. Good time to go and see a show at the theatre

2. Champagne and the high-life is accented under this moon

3. Being overindulgent or splashing out is accented, careful on the credit card

4. Good time to shop for clothes, be careful not to buy things that are too out-there for you

5. Romance and romantic liaisons are highlighted

6. Wining and dining is on the cards

7. Prestige products and luxuries are accented

8. You may fuss over your hair more than necessary at this time

9. Gold or anything that sparkles may catch your eye under this moon

10. Disco balls and dancing the night away are what it's all about now

11. Art appreciation or going to a gallery would be a nice pastime

12. Throw a party, a perfect time to socialise

13. Express yourself through creative outlets such as drawing, colouring, decorating, dramatic flair

14. Wear outlandish clothes and be around creative people

Moon in Virgo

1. You may be critical and analytical

2. Time to spring clean

3. Organise and tidy the house

4. Get things in order

5. Write any sort of list

6. Tidy drawers or do the filing

7. Sort out tax receipts

8. Creative writing is highlighted

Moon in Libra

1. A time of peace and harmony

2. Be in beautiful surroundings

3. Be diplomatic to settle upsets

4. Entertain or be entertained

5. Visit the theatre or go out for dinner

6. Improve your personal image

7. A good time to go to court for justice

8. You may be indecisive seeing both sides of an argument

9. Good time to get married

10. Have a honey moon

11. Be around flowers or do a floral arrangement

12. Go on a romantic date

13. Start dating someone new

14. Start a new relationship

15. Go for a make-up consultation

16. Try on bridal garments, shop for bridal outfits

17. Go dancing at a disco with girlfriends

Moon in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio

1. Feelings will be deep and intense

2. Emotions can be extreme

3. Dramatic mood swings

4. There are undercurrents around you

5. Good time to be a detective and sift through something mysterious

6. Uncover hidden things

7. Messages through your dreams

8. You may want to be alone to analyse your feelings

9. High sexual tension

10. May have sexual fantasies

11. May have clandestine daydreams or actions

12. You may want to be secretive today

Moon in Sagittarius

1. Time to travel

2. Study philosophy

3. Expand your mind

4. Be adventurous

5. An optimistic time

6. Good time for betting or going to the races

7. Good time to be around horses or other animals

8. Good time for donating something or doing charity work

9. Social and fun time

10. Let loose and do something wild and fun

11. Go to a comedy show or watch something funny on tv

12. Time to play games with friends

13. Have deep discussions about life and reality

14. Expand your world, think big!!

15. Overseas is highlighted

16. Plan an extended trip

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn

1. Not a good time to discuss relationships

2. Time for banking and investing money

3. Study the stock market

4. Emotionally disconnected time

5. Good for grounding body

6. Take a hike in nature

7. Make lists of things to accomplish

8. Analyse your finances

9. Work on a business plan

10. Focus on Work and Career in general

11. Get a lot of work done today

12. Time you will feel untrusting in personal situations

Moon in Aquarius

1. Time to help humanity

2. Do anything connected with IT

3. Learn something new on your computer

4. Donate your time to the needy

5. Help a friend in need; they will greatly appreciate your efforts

6. Attend any group meetings or group therapy

7. Do a meditation class

8. Partake in group activities, events, social networking

9. Share with your neighbor

10. Time to daydream and let your imagination go free

11. Wear something you haven't worn that is different from your normal style

12. Think outside the square

Moon in Pisces

1. Time to listen to friends in need

2. Be artistic and creative

3. Meditation and connecting with your higher self

4. Watch your messages in your dreams and study their meaning

5. Could be an emotional time

6. Time to be near the sea

7. Go to a seafood restaurant or fish market

8. Be of service in any way

9. Nice time for massage or a day spa

10. Take a spa bath

11. Burn essential oils and do rituals

12. Time for completion especially around a full moon

13. Take off any rose coloured glasses or wait till this moon has passed.

14. You may hear from people from your past

15. You may be nostalgic and compare the past to present

16. Go to the movies

17. Take a photography class

Amira Celon

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