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Should we spend money or not?

Despite the financial crisis, when I go to a shopping centre the car park is almost full and it’s hard to find a free spot to park my car. Whether those people are coming for shopping or just window-shopping is unknown. People are standing in queues in banks for sometimes hours. Are they applying for personal loans or a term deposit or simply investing? Stars help us to make decisions on how to spend our money.



People born in the Zodiac sign of Aries are celebrating their birthdays very soon. Make this day memorable by giving a nice surprise to your loved ones. It could be a weekend excursion or a couple of nights in a hotel or motel. Do not save money now, you will have enough time to save later and a pleasant surprise, an award, a prize or a gift are in store for summer anyway.


The quiet, calm Taurus has been thinking of a major financial investment. Do not act without thinking, this is not the perfect time for embarking on a risky venture. Accumulate enough money in order to minimise any financial risk. A few months later there will be a greater chance for investment, because luck will smile on you. This month there should be more time for saving money.


The Twins can be moderate but generous with themselves. Do not travel, do not play games and definitely do not miss buying that little thing that you have been looking at the shop window for a long time. Buy clothes, shoes, a book, a record or even beautiful jewellery that would cheer you up. Buying these things for you will not cause any financial loss, rather these little things will cheer you up, you will feel better and the cheerful mood will result in further financial growth.


People born in the Zodiac sign of Cancer should make a list of all their expenses in a month. Carefully keep all of your invoices and make a financial analysis at the end of the month in order to see where the money goes and what the reason is for being short of money. This is the time to think what are the unnecessary expenses and what are those extra things that should not have been bought. Income and expenses must be in balance and it is time for making a plan for saving up money for future hard times.


The Stars of people born in the Zodiac sign of Leo indicate

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