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Mirror Magic at Home

Mirrors have had a special place in people’s lives for thousands of years. Since its invention there has been a magic surrounding this seemingly simple object. It is no coincidence that the price of a mirror was around the same price as gold in the Middle Ages. Today it is a much more accessible object, the mirror has become a natural part of our daily lives, but it has not lost its magical power.


With the help of a mirror and concentration you can see your future and get answers for important questions or you can even meet deceased people. You will not need any special preparation to perform this mirror magic, nor special objects, you will only need a mirror (it will work regardless of the size and the shape of the mirror).

Prepare a Magic Mirror!

Make sure that the mirror you would like to use for magic purposes has not been touched by many people before you start performing any magic with it. It is much better if you order the mirror from a factory, you may even go to the factory to pick it up! When you have the mirror clean all the negative energy and the spirit ‘footprints’ from it that have effected it since its production.

The most effective way of cleaning it is if you place it in a creek during the full-moon (if it is not feasible, you can use running water as well). Then you should wrap the mirror in an unused white cotton cloth. Make sure that nobody touches this mirror, otherwise you will have to start the cleaning process all over again! When the mirror is not in use, make sure that it is wrapped carefully in white paper and that you keep it in a safe place where nobody can find it! During the magic mirror preparation the energy of the creator is flowing to the mirror and the mirror takes on this energy. This is why you should not be too negative or sad and not be too happy or cheerful during this preparation process so at the end you will get answers closer to the actual reality.

Concentration is the main thing!

Regardless of the mood which we are in when we prepare the magic mirror if we are not concentrating hard then all of our energy will be wasted. When you are asking the mirror questions close out all the noises and voices of the outer world and let all your thoughts and emotions go!

Playing with colours and lights can help us in concentrating. The colour of the room where we perfor

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