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Psychic Dreams

Often we do not remember our dreams or we just recall the nonsensical parts. Psychic dreams, however, occur because they convey an important message.


In all our dreams a condition of variability of time is present. This timelessness allows you to summon a lot of dreams for the future. Psychic dreams often live on in the memory very well after waking up - almost like tactile images - or they are accompanied by a particularly strong feeling. Maybe it is a little like waking up in the middle of the night with very disturbing feelings - both positive and negative ‘psychic charge carriers’ are present.

Drastic changes

Large changes, such as pregnancy, are often predicted in our dreams, through which the baby’s spirit signals its coming. Besides pregnancy, illness can also be predicted from a psychic dream. Right before the illness mostly symbolic references appear in the dream of the impending disease. However, if someone dreams of your own or your friend's death, or if, say, war or calamity is seen in a dream, it is almost never means that these events will happen in reality. They are just common dream symbols that do not normally play a literal prophetic role in the dream.


There is a superstition that if someone touches the earth when falling in a dream they die. This is not true, but sometimes falling in dreams may issue a warning for some approaching danger. More precisely, they help people figure out in which areas of their lives dangers may lurk. According to some interpreters if someone falls in a dream it can indicate that they have lost their dominion over certain situations, or they want to escape from a problem.

Dream interpretation

We can begin the interpretation of dreams by writing them down, but it’s even better if they are drawn and can then raise questions for ourselves. What comes to mind when looking at certain images? Can we link them to something in our lives? What are the feelings that the dream creates in us? The future depends on one’s inner mindset, so changing tha

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