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Tarot School – Death – XIII.

The end, Death, is integral part of our life like birth and beginnings. The Reaper is the ancient symbol of death. He is scything everything dead in the field of life in order to clear the way to the future for the newborn.


Everything that is born into the physical dimension of life has a restricted existence. The boundary or restriction is death, because everything that exists has to die. The Reaper comes when it is time to die. His responsibility is to tear out the mature soul from our physical body.

We can see a rider on the card. His flag is decorated with a white rose. It is like the one we saw on the card of the Fool, or on the other hand that seen at birth. In this case the white rose means that this is the time that the Reaper gets a soul in order to give the opportunity to start a new cycle or path.

The young woman, the child and the clergy show that death arranges everything and creates balance. Neither power nor beauty nor youth can get in the way of death. He can appear anywhere, anytime and will do his job inexorably.

The autumn sunlight is blinking on the horizon. Is the sun rising or going down? The correct answer is both, because life is nothing other than the continuation of the cycle of birth and death. Here you can see the flow of life that is represented by the roaring creek in the distance. What is the reason for representing death in the form of a skeleton? Because death frees us from all the differences and distinctions, the body is reduced to a basic form, only skull and bones. The skeleton is not the symbol of death but of transformation and change.

Many people are afraid of this card because they believe that this card represents a specificor physical death. Rather this card mainly represents radical changes or milestones related to our life. This card reminds us that now is the time to leave everything behind that is no longer serving our spiritual development. Get rid of any old, outdated beliefs! All those things that could stop us in our development, that would be a barrier to entering into a new phase of our life.

The 13th card represents a transition from one phase to another – for example from teena

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