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Uri's message: To all skeptics - a big thank you

Can you imagine how flattering it is for me to know that close to five million individuals worldwide have taken the time to view Uri Geller video clips on YouTube?


Sometimes the clips are uploaded by my fans, sometimes by my detractors. A few purport to expose me. Others go to the opposite extreme and glorify me. Several feature me on the Johnny Carson show back in the Seventies — a 35-year-old, rather boring segment where nothing happens except a spoon gets a small dent in it.

Some videos try to imply that I pulled out a magnet from my hair and slipped it on my thumb in front of six rolling cameras in order to move a compass needle. Come on! I'm not that stupid!

Five million people! That's like filling up Manchester United's stadium to full capacity 100times or more. And the time taken to watch the actual videos comes to more than 90 years — an entire lifetime!

The people who are uploading these videos on YouTube, imagining that they are exposing me, are really giving me priceless exposure. They’re creating the most brilliant free publicity I could ever have, and certainly manufacturing more controversy... thus enhancing the mystery and mystique around Uri Geller.

The skeptics have been doing this for over 35 years! Wow! That’s a long publicity and PR campaign — and it’s all free! To calculate that in financial terms: if I had to pay for all this, I believe a Madison Avenue public relations agency would have charged me many millions of dollars over the decades. That's what the “Get Geller” bunch have supplied me with on a silver tray: FREE PUBLICITY. There is NO such thing as bad publicity (unless you are John Edwards and you’re running for president).

Sceptics are a tiny minority but in today’s age of the internet anything is possible, so I relish the positive impact sceptics have given my career. Yes, law suits flew which created more controversy and more publicity, and yes, lawyers got richer, but say what you will, whether you think I'm a fake or you believe I'm a miracle worker, I can assure you of one thing: I must be among the best PR gurus in the

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