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Biocosmetics and Cleaning Products

Television commercials and store shelves tempt you with the irresistibly shiny, colourful packaging of cosmetics, detergents and cleaners. The offer is that some of them are more efficient and cheaper than their counterparts, and customers will often fall for these lines.


In the meantime, we might not even think that these chemicals from various, sometimes even uncontrolled sources, can cause great damage to our bodies. These products’ offers are tricky, since they only draw attention to their (sometimes non-existent) positive aspects. Who wouldn’t want their skin silky, to smell fresh and have their hair shiny? But it may happen that the very opposite of the desired effect is achieved, especially when you could be allergic to any of the ingredients in these cosmetics.

Be careful! Don’t fall for the commercials of the well-known detergents and fabric softeners and their incredible claims.

What is the truth?

The majority of commercial lotions really soften the skin but it is only indicated in small print, or sometimes not even there, that most of them, including baby cosmetics, contain petroleum derivatives. It is not only bad for healthy skin, but patients with eczema can experience more intense reactions.

Of course, no one would like to seduce people by using their body odour (although experiments have shown that we still use our nose when it comes to choosing a partner!), but do not forget the fact that the anti-perspirant deodorants usually contain aluminium molecules which are absorbed through the skin and are stored in the body, and after years (slowly),we overdose on them. Not to mention that stopping sweating ultimately changes a body's natural functioning.

Detergents and cleaning agents are expected to be well foaming, to smell delicious and have high cleaning power, but we do not necessarily need all this. For example, foaming is only an unnecessary additional feature to impress consumers and while companies struggle for more profit, they cause a lot of damage to nature. In fact, to you the consumer as well!

Arguments for organic products

We never had so many allergies and skin diseases as we have today, and the seriousness of this is indicated by the fact tha

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