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Start with Your Hairstyle!

Spring is here, blossoms cover the trees, and yet you feel like something’s not okay? You eat healthily, you’ve got a skilled hairdresser and yet you’re not fully satisfied with your hairstyle? Seek help from esoterica!


Your hair, especially in the periods of spring and summer, is exposed to much external damage. In addition to this if you do not eat healthily you might find that your hair is not exactly the way you dream it to be.

Hair growth and the hairdresser

Due to the adverse affects you will have dry hair with thin, split and broken ends. As a result, despite growing your hair, after a while you will notice that your hairs ‘fall out’ faster and faster.

If you are growing your hair it is certainly not easy to make yourself go to a hairdresser. Many people complain that even though they only ask for a trim the hairdresser cuts off too much hair. It is worth, at least periodically, to trust a professional to take care of your hair, as a healthy cut can do wonders even for growing hair. The hairdresser cuts off the part that is not healthy, so it then can grow unimpeded and well.

A healthy person’s hair usuallygrows 1-1.5 cm per month, so we can’t expect a quick growth whether our hair is healthy or not. However with a conscientious diet and carefully chosen hair products we can improve its appearance.

Hair treatment according to the Moon

Healthy eating, a skilled hairdresser, but still not satisfied with your hair? Seek help from esoterica! Did you know that not just any day is suitable for getting a haircut?

Everyone has heard that the position of the Moon not only effects sea levels but also our body’s biorythm. The most suitable days for getting a haircut are the days when the Moon is located under the sign of the Lion.(Important! The same rule goes for every other type of body hair, so do not wax on these days either!) If you do not want to cut your hair and only want more volume and stronger hair then go to a stylist when the rising Moon is under the sign of Virgo.

Suitable days for a haircut in the near future: 2012 - 4:00 am on May 26th; 08:00 pm on May 28th; 12.00 pm on May 30th.

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