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The psychological causes of diabetes

When we become sick we tend to be hopeless, negative and keep repeating: ‘Why me??? Why now?’ But we can help ourselves a lot by not seeing the sickness as a curse but rather as a warning sign!


Diabetes is a kind of metabolic disorder in which the pancreas does not produce insulin or the body cannot recognise it, and therefore the cells are not able to absorb sugar. Type 1 diabetes typically appears in children, while type 2 diabetes usually affects older people, and its appearance is related to improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle and being overweight.

Diabetes and love

Before a disease develops there are usually psychological causes present, sometimes for years prior to the onset of any sickness. If those psychological issues are not treated in time, with proper attention, they will eventually materialise in the form of a disease. Because diabetes, as the name suggests, is in connection with sugar or sweet tastes, therefore this disease is related to some kind of love, or expression of love issues.

People with diabetes are unable to taste sweet things, and on an emotional level to accept love. While a person with diabetes desperately wishes for love, happiness and a sweet life on all its levels and forms, at the same time they are pushing the desired love away, closing it out from their life by being totally closed up. On one hand people with diabetes do not consider themselves worthy of love, and on the other hand they fear commitment, therefore they would rather give up what they dream about and what they wish for. These people have issues with giving and accepting and deep emotions and ultimately this disease will consume their body.

This disease cannot be treated but can be improved.

At the present stage of medical science diabetes cannot be cured. Therefore we cannot say that just by changing our mental attitudes we would make the body healthy, but we can improve a patient’s general condition. Positive thinking is perhaps even more important here than in other diseases.

The first and most important tasks for people with diabetes are to love themselves and to improve their self-esteem. If you thi

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