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2011 Love and Social Life Horoscope

Looking at personal relationships in 2011, many of the signs are looking forward to a romantic year. While there are some intense encounters on the horizon, many of these will feel organized with a built-in plan for self revelation. One of the signs, Libra, will experience a romantic meeting while dealing with the will power to fight off an all consuming passion. Scorpio will be encouraged to unlock that vault to the heart. Other signs have to tackle issues such as success over jealousy or confusion over an independent spirit.



If you are an Arian don’t get too emotional in the coming year. Be ready to manage even the smallest situation that comes up with family or a loved one. You have a chance of losing control over yourself when it comes to love and romance. If you want harmony in 2011, be ready to talk out problems. 2011 brings with it a strong chance of being dominated by your partner. There’s a realistic possibility that any type of dramatic action in the early part of the year could lead to the end of a relationship that, up to now, has been going well. Your selflessness will help many people and lead them towards positivity.


The one place you are certain to receive support is from friends, family and loved ones. You would spend a lot of time with them and do every bit to make them happy. Your dreams of landing in the land of love and warmth shall materialize finally. If you are starting something new, do not rush into intimacy. You have more than enough in the way of friends and new ones are coming your way March-June. You would be very emotional towards the end of February till April end. There could be tremendous mood swings as you might end up losing someone very dear to you. Be open to change in any form.


Your love life will be passionate and enduring in this year. Partners shall rely largely on you and hence a better performance on your part is expected in this field. You will understand the importance of freedom in any relationship. You have excellent friends, family and interpersonal relationships! So, take the time to notice. In general the year promises many good moments with partner. Do not act hastily when you are to take important decisions related to relationship.


Jupiter promises to give you a higher confidence level with healthier relationships. You need to view your relations with partner from a new angle. B

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