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Argument Horoscope – Learn How to Argue!

Sure, anyone can argue, and everybody does it. But are we aware if the person we are arguing with is using all their talents for reasoning, or that their personality is generating the conflict, or perhaps that they are avoiding the conflict as long as they can? You will get answers from the following.



Aries people are looking for trouble and everyone knows it. Their vital element is tension, the higher the tension around them the more active they are. They argue intensely and they cannot cope with contradiction. We have no chance to win in a word duel, but keep telling them your opinions because when their anger slips away your words will reach them. Their anger goes away quickly and we even have a good chance that they will ask for forgiveness.


People born in Taurus basically love peace and it is difficult to get them angry. If, however, a serious disagreement comes up then they are very stubborn and hard headed and it’s practically impossible to convince them. Neither good words nor a logical argument can budge them from their point of view. Any abusive behaviour could destroy any hope of cooperation with them for a long time.


The Twins love to argue – this is when they can show their intellectual superiority and excellent verbal skills. As long as the argument is theoretical it is still enjoyable for them, but if we ‘trap them in a corner’ emotionally they will be terrified and we will make them literally run away. The question is whether that serves our purpose?


Even slightly elevated stress levels can upset Cancerians. In the case of a larger argument Cancerians will sulk for several days. Do not even try to fight with them, unless you want to witness an embarrassing scene (e.g. - seeing them weeping). If a Cancerian is important to you then count to ten silently and then try to formulate and express your anger with an angelic tenderness.


Argue with a Leo?? There is a big chance that the Leo will not even hear you and if the Leo was listening to you they would laugh at you with derision. If we did find the special words that could hurt them we would be in big trouble. If the Leo go

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