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Man hunting - the art of seduction with the help of the zodiac!

How to seduce the subject of your fantasies? Men - figuratively and in an astrological sense – are as many as the stars in the sky. What will excite one will scare another one away. To know exactly what will excite your crush, all you have to do is discover his sign of the zodiac and follow the instructions below.



The Aries man is legendarily vehement, a true warrior type. He is not interested in prey that can be acquired easily and cannot stand any whining. Be a cool Amazon, battle against him, or even take him lightly, showing little interest in him – it’s guaranteed his interest will grow! He is passionate and tactile, a ’hot’ lover, but you need to know that he gets upset easily. One wrong word is enough and he goes from a fighter made out of titanium to a hurt little child. A lot of patience - and even more explosives - will be needed when choosing an Aries companion.


The Bull is an aloof and inaccessible man - he already has a definite idea of his life from a young age, including the woman who will become the mother of his children. Since he is very family oriented, the primary issue is this : whether we fit his image of the ideal mother and wife that he imagined for himself or not. He is not fond of career women or, if he can’t resist one, he must be more successful in all cases and the one to earn more, because the breadwinner role is very much his. We, however, can be goddesses in the kitchen and the bedroom and, as such, we are guaranteed to be spoiled!


The Gemini man is a kind and enthusiastic lover who falls in love easily and, under certain conditions, remains faithful for a long time. The important point here is those “certain conditions" among which the first and most important one is : freedom! Be loose with him, be open to anything, reward his spontaneous ideas, we can even come up with some! The Gemini man likes an intellectual, witty partner, the ’adventurers’ who have seen a lot. But the warmth of home is also important to him – so his seduction will require us being multifunctional, a polymath and quite possibly the ’hot’ kind at that.


The male Cancerian is looking for the support of a partner. We have to be strong and resolute, we must be a resourceful typ

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