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Prediction and the end of the world – Mayan Calendar

Dr Attila Romhanyi is a physician/doctor, conversant with Central and South American cultures and an expert familiar with the Mayan Calendar. He has published several books about the over 3000 years old Mayan Culture. The symbols (picture-writing) of the Dresden Codex have been decoded/solved, which says that the World/Creation will end on the 21st of December 2012. What does it mean? Is this the end of the world?


Attila Romhanyi, while he was travelling in Guatemala, started to passionately collect the relics/records of the Indian Culture. He even visited Mexico, where he was searching for the heritage of the Mayan and the ruins of the Aztec cultures, he also visited Peru and Bolivia. During his several exotic trips, he was following the records/relics/recollections of the Incans and earlier Cultures.

Among his other expert works, Attila Romhanyi was asked to be the historical expert and advisor to the Mel Gibson film – Apocalypto - about the Central-South American Indians. Attila Romhanyi and the curator of the Ethnic Museum provided an independent opinion about the film, that it was authentic.

About Mayans

They still live in five states of America, and what is remarkable is that today a sense of the Mayans live on. They act in/attend the Catholic Church, and after Communion Mass offerings are presented to the old Gods. In a Mayan Indian house you still can find the Cross next the Mayan deities, Kukulcan, Ixchel, Chac and the rain God representations. They still have a traditional Native American ways of thinking about death. They go to the cemetery to visit their lost ones on the day of Dead, but they do not mourn, they are having fun and playing music.

Mayan history is still only incompletely understood. What we do know is mostly written on paper made from the bark of the vadfügefák . Most of the codes have become available/known during their translation. Only a few of the Mayan Codices have survived. Dr Romhanyi, the versatile specialist in internal medicine (not incidentally, also a parrot expert), deals with those Codices. His Mayan Calendar, called the Dresden Codex, was published in 2010. The meaning of each pictographic symbol is known/understood. The Hungarian translation was prepared by using this key.

The book is often recorded in

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