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Yearly Horoscope 2012

The year 2012 will bring liberation and rebirth rather than the announced end of the world. In 2012, Jupiter in Taurus promises material prosperity for all of us.


The New Year will bring some positive changes in the lives of almost all the Zodiac signs. This may affect your career or a relationship, the point is that its impact will be positive in most cases. Let's look at each Zodiac sign more precisely and see what can we expect in 2012!


After a slightly chaotic and stressful year, a recovery is expected in 2012 on all fronts. The next year will be less stressful and will increase the elimination of oppressive burdens. In 2012 financial problems are corrected and many are expected to turn positive. Promotions or a pay rise can be expected at work, but it is also possible that you will find your dream job, which you can carry out with all your heart and soul.


Fortune will smile at people born in the Zodiac sign of Taurus in 2012 as the large lucky planet Jupiter will be staying in this Zodiac sign. This will affect all areas of Taureans’ lives. Fate is now indulging people born in Taurus with many good things and is offering them great potential. Let us grasp this year and take maximum advantage of it, since Taureans can only be so fortunate once in a twelve-year period. All your dreams can come true this year!


A particularly exciting year is waiting for people born in the Zodiac sign of Gemini. A lot can happen in their lives and there will be many comings and goings. New people, new contacts, foreign travel, moving and changing jobs may also be considered. In 2012 a lot of new energy is released in Geminis and this leads them to new shores. Lots of impulses and effects will have an impact on them which can bring complete inner and outer transformation. In short: fantastic personality change is waiting for you Gemini!


Cancer people can calm down finally, because 2012 will be a particularly quiet and peaceful year. No more anxiety and stress, all outstanding issu

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