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3 plants with healing powers

Plants, just like certain minerals, have a resonant frequency in which balancing and healing effects lie.


Certain plants broadcast strong, positive forces that anyone who is sensitive to such subtle energies can feel. Below, we present three houseplants that are beneficial and have healing effects.

Begonia – for creativity and happiness

The begonia is an excellent energizer, it has a positive impact on creative skills and creativity. The plant’s refreshing energy can work well in study or at work, its positive aura, as a real energy boost, can be used to stimulate new and original ideas. In addition its capacity for evaporation will help break down harmful chemicals as well. Continuous flowering has a general positive effect, it is also called the "fun flower". Its positive energies can effect a cure for depressed moods and in particular during winter.

Care: Begonias are fond of bright, but not too sunny, places and require constant watering. If we manage to find a suitable location for one in the house, it will bloom almost continuously both in winter and in summer.

Cissus - to energize and recharge

The Cissus is an excellent antidote for fatigue. If you are tired, irritable or overworked you should get one, because its vibrations empower us. It is also known as the "Motivation flower" because it helps us find new inspiration, gain momentum and has strong impulsive effects. As it is thick and has dense shoots it can be used as an interior divider in your home too. It phases out harmful substances and a swirling, pulsating energy pours out of it.

Care: The Cissus should be in a clear but somewhat half-shaded location in order to thrive. It should be kept away from the direct, blazing sun. It has a huge demand for water, continuous irrigation is required or it may even need to be constantly under water.

Marigold - balancing human relations

The bright yellow marigold flowers contain the most famous of it

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