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Angel Stories

Legends of elves, fairies, goblins, angels, and several other fabulous creatures have been among us for thousands of years. As children we have no doubt of their existence, but as adults it is more difficult to admit that we believe all of the tales. However, sometimes events show us that it is foolish to deny that our lives are sometimes protected from harm due to certain unexplained factors.


In the Dark Ages ignorance and religious pressure favoured stories of invisible beings which were circulated by word of mouth, however, it would be a mistake simply to explain the wonderful variety of stories with the ignorance and lack of sophistication of the Dark Ages. Even more so, it would be worthwhile to investigate one or more stories because, even today, we can meet many similar unexplained phenomena.

Invisible helpers then and now

In this story fire broke out in a house in London in the early 1900s. The flames spread rapidly, they couldn’t manage to save the building and all the residents escaped except for two who were trapped in the flames. One of the two trapped residents was an elderly woman who died of smoke inhalation. The other was a 5 year old child, who had been left in the house of the mother’s friend for the night. When a firefighter learned that a child was still in the burning house he went back in to save its life.

When the firefighter got to the room he saw the flames all around, everything was on fire, except around the baby’s bed, it looked like the flames were ‘unnaturally’ re-routed to avoid it. The firefighter also saw a silver sparkling shape hovering above the bed, which stayed there as long as the firefighter was there. More interestingly while the child was away from his mother she had nightmares and bad feelings all that night and finally got up to pray for her child.

Who saved this boy from the fire? This mysterious silver coloured figure ? Why didn’t this phenomenon save the old lady as well? It is easily possible that the invisible helpers do not interfere with our lives without asking them to do it. Honest, energy-filled, live requests and prayers are needed to get help from the ‘invisible helpers’.

In this particular case might the absent mother have sent this special help to her child by her prayers? There are stories about deceased people, who would like to help. Most

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