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Angels Are All Around Us

A few decades ago we could hardly have imagined that on public transport, in a medical waiting room, in an office, or even during a family dinner the topic of angels would be brought up. In contrast, today we talk about them all the time. But who, or what, are they really?


Angels are God's special creatures and they are there to help people. We could say that they are God’s helpers on a smaller scale. If necessary they intervene in our lives, but we can also ask for their help in our lives when we get stuck and don’t know how to continue.

Angel Traits

Angels are self-willed, their kindness is limitless, their helpfulness never diminishes. They are not restricted by space or time and their form and nature can be quite different. Sometimes they take the shape of people (this shape can be male or female), of animals, or of just a falling leaf, a beam of light, a sound or a scent. It all depends on the best way to get closer to the people who need them. But we do not necessarily need to see them to experience their help. It sometimes happens that we realise much later that a factor or an event in our life might not be of merely ‘human’ origin.

Normally angels cannot interfere in human affairs (except for guardian angels whose task is to protect life), so it is advisable to request their help if we want it. This is done with prayer, but a variety of rituals can contribute to "putting our angel into action". For example, burning different coloured (though usually white) candles, wearing white ribbons on the wrists, or displaying angels on windows and doors can also form part of our signals to them.

Fallen Angels

As with people, not all angels are the same. They have different areas of responsibility, but we have to mention fallen angels as well. They were also created by God to be perfect, just like good angels, and were entrusted with the same tasks. But the fallen angels broke God’s commandments and committed fornication with females from earth so they were excluded from Paradise. Many refer to them not as existent beings, but as a lack of positive energy. It is good to know that they number at least as many as those of the ranks of the good angels. For every man and woman there stands a supportive, protective

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