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Being ‘trapped by predictions’

There is an increasingly common phenomenon amongst many esoteric followers that they seek advice from a psychic or use tarot cards before making any kind of decision. However, if you are not able to make your own decisions, you should beware of being ‘trapped by predictions’.


We were born on the earth to live our own life. We have brought some physical skills or characteristics and esoteric tools with us to the earth, but not because we should make our decisions based only on dreams, runes or the visions of psychics. In the past we had really good reasons to choose what has become our current earthly life. However, if you place your destiny within the constraints of a certain belief system, or in the hands of a medium or a psychic, you miss the point (the reason why you came here) of your current life.

Who is leading your life?

It is useful to have some intuition and a helpful spiritual guide in reserve, but even the wisest and dearest angel cannot lead or live your life instead of you. If you keep looking for an answer using cards, or living your life based on a particular prediction, then after a while you do not control or direct your life anymore, something else (e.g. tarot cards, favourite prediction stones, etc.) or somebody else, like a psychic, is directing and controlling your life. This behaviour can lead us to a point where we totally lose the connection with our own life, and gradually we lose the skill and we no longer have the courage to make our own decisions.

Prediction or fortune telling tools can be very useful if you use them moderately to seek advice regarding really important decisions. But the responsibility of your decisions should be yours! Predictions can show you the energy of the process, but your future is in your hands. You shape your own destiny from one second to the next.

Self-fulfilling prophecies

The other major threat is the effect and the trap of self-fulfilling predictions (prophecies). For example, it’s possible that you pick a tarot card that suggests that your relationship is about to end. This can encourage you to give up the hope of solving any problems with your partner or of trying to save your relationship even before you make any attempt

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