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Do you believe in fortune telling?

My friend, Agi, believes in fortune telling, but I don’t. When she told me how she copes with her problems, or what keeps her positive even in the deepest trouble, I just smiled to myself. She regularly visited her fortune teller and sought information about her work, health, love and how her life evolves.



Her first reading that was related to her job was shocking. She had been working 17 years at this place that she loved and there was no sign of any change regarding her job or the company. When she heard the reading, she almost began to doubt whether there is sense to this whole thing.

The fortune teller could tell her the exact date of the change regarding her company. As time got closer to March (the predicted date of change), my friend remembered her first reading more and more frequently, and concluded even a fortune teller can be wrong. When March arrived sudenly her boss informed her about the change (she had to move to another job).

When a man is in possession of such evidence, his faith can increase a hundred times.


Agi slid next to a huge change in work, and a burning love came to her life too. After turning 40 and carrying the weight of a painful end of her long term relationship, she never hoped to feel such powerful emotions. She was so happy, soon they moved in together. However the dream world only lasted three months. Her partner changed. “My emotions had gone”, said the boy, and he tried everything to push Agi away from him as far as possible.

This is the moment where I felt it again if I had been in his place, I would have done things differently. If my partner dumped me, I would leave without asking anybody to stay or not. Agi went to her Fortune Teller again. And the Fortune Teller predicted: “It is not the end of the relationship; you will have to be more patient, because a hard time is coming into your life. You will not feel his love at least for another 6 months, but around autumn everything will change.

As autum was getting closer Agi became happier day by day. The boy’s kindness returned and his affection strengthened. His enthusiasm grew to devotion by November. They have been living together and have been happy since then.

They sometimes work together an

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