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Energy Balls

A well managed family picture or a landscape photo can be quite easily ruined if some optical trouble occurs in the shape of a bright spot. But are these spots just simply optical defects?


Many more people take photos of energy balls than most people are aware of. There are, of course, cases where dust or grease stains on the camera lens cause the spots shown in the photo, and it is often the case that at the moment of taking a photograph a piece of fluff is in the way of the flash.

Mistake, optical defect or an energy ball?

Two main features distinguish the energy balls phenomenon from simple photographic errors: firstly, they are not just blurry circles, but infinitely varied patterns featuring brilliant, white, yellow, blue or pink glittering balls. Secondly, the photographers often sense the strange, mystical feelings of the location or scene where the photograph was taken.

These energy balls – the English term is ‘orbs’ – are units of the energy field around the Earth. They only relatively rarely get near people and even more rarely may be detected with the naked eye, their appearance is only for the duration of a flash of light. In the history of recording such energy balls the increase in the use of digital photography was a large step.

Who or what are they?

According to the esoteric definition energy orbs are living energy fields that have their own will, their own consciousness, they are a higher level of development of our own existence. Very loving creatures, they avoid negative force fields, however they are drawn to love, joy and good intentions and with their presence they multiply such things. There are a variety of breeds, which explains the variety in their forms and colours. Oral communication is not possible with them, however, they are able to convey feelings to people.

Their visibility is not a captured moment but is of their own choosing as to whether they show themselves or not. For us it is incomprehensible to understand the way they sense individuals’ properties (not only people but animals, objects and places) . They travel seamlessly between different dimensions, fro

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