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Esoteric Dimensions

There’s no doubt time and space exist, but they’re elusive dimensions which are used by science and people on a daily basis. Physics does not accept anything that cannot be detected by our senses, but it still uses time and space.


Many physical phenomena, such as protons, electrons and even the abovementioned time and space, are nothing other than a name for a lack of knowledge. We know that there is something, but we have no idea what it is, so we just give it a name in order to discuss it or remember it. On this basis it would not be at all surprising (and perhaps very likely) if there is a parallel world (parallel with our one) which may be detectable. Just to give a simple example, it may happen that there is a garden where we are sitting, where we smell the flowers and listen to the dancing leaves sigh in the wind. Then there is another place, a parallel dimension, a perfect replica of where we are here, and in that parallel world’s garden other people are living and listening to the dancing leaves sigh in the wind. We are simply not developed enough to see that other parallel dimension.


Can it exist, what we cannot perceive?

In scientific research physicists do not accept anything until they can satisfactorily demonstrate or prove it. Therefore only a thin slice of the existing world is used in the scientific process, and there is an unpredictable range of things which do exist but cannot be proven or detected by scientific instruments.

Is it possible that mediums (i.e. astrologers, psychics and clairvoyants) have progressed far ahead in their spiritual development? Because they are able to sense or detect, besides the existing world, other dimensions (both past and future). And because the soul does not know the past nor the future, but rather everything that is happening now in the present. So future predictions or connections with deceased persons may possibly be considered as perceptions of parallel dimensions.

Beings in Higher Dimensions

Time and space are different in other dimensions, different from what we perceive in our world. Angels, spirits and other beings who exist in different dimensions e

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