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Exorcism at Home

When somebody dies their soul will leave its body and move to another world in order to continue its journey. But there are souls which are not able to leave this world and enter into that other world. They are the ones who have left unfinished tasks here in our world. They feel that they still have something to do here in our world.


After death the spirit, or soul, has 42 days to leave the body. If the soul cannot leave the body then it stays here and gets energy from the living for its existence. This can cause different problems for those whose energy is being taken by those souls. If your home is occupied by a ghost, you may feel sick for no reason while you are at home. You can get a feeling that you are not alone at home, you can sense cold breezes, objects move by themselves or doors or windows may open or close by themselves, etc.

Ghosts and spirits are connected to us

If this spirit or ghost is connected to a person, they can have a variety of physical symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, frequent illnesses, etc. It is definitely better when everybody is in their own place, the dead are in their other world and the living are in this world, as when the living get rid of the dead person’s soul or ghost. There are no harmless ghosts, since all of them absorb energy from us and this is not a good thing. However, only evil spirits are frightening and do it intentionally.

There is nothing to fear, because you have the advantage! Because you are alive you alone are able to act in your own interests. The main thing is that you help both parties, as long as you do not let the situation rankle you.

Simple methods of Exorcism

As for the diseases, prevention is the easiest way of protection. Make sure that you are healthy in both your body and your soul! Do not hate, do not harbour anger and try to overcome your fears! These all attack your ‘spiritual shield’ and if your ‘shield’ is weak ghosts and dead souls can more easily connect with you. Pay especial attention to a balanced life for your children, because their innocence will be even more attractive to these souls!

The first and most important task, which should be performed even if no ghost is connected to you, is the cleaning of

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