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Forgotten past lives

Only a few people are able to remember their past lives. What is the reason for this forgetfulness? What is the reason that we cannot benefit from the experiences of our past lives collected during our reincarnations?


In fact, nobody completely forgets their previous lives. Everybody has memories that can be retrieved. Those memories sometimes emerge spontaneously – for example in our dreams - as a fraction of pictures of past lives. It is also possible that certain objects, events or actions evoke these partial memories. Similarly, a strange meeting can bring up old memoires and feelings of past lives. Hypnosis is a direct method that can lead the person back into the past or even into a previous incarnation. If you are persistent and patient enough you are able to directly connect to your previous lives by constantly practising mind control and deep meditation.

There is a reason for forgetting

Although we are able to remember our previous lives – either spontaneously or by controlled means - it is logical and understandable to forget them. There is a serious reason for this “forgetfulness”. Just imagine how chaotic our daily life would be if the memories of our past lives constantly mixed in with the events and memories of our current life. This would result in real agony if we could remember the mistakes and failures of our past lives and then to know that we have to live with their consequences in our current life. Compensation of karma can happen in many ways, this is why it is much better not to be aware of the complex, deep connections of the relationships that determine our lives.

”Karmic Debt”

For example your loved one in your current life is irresistibly attracted to you and stands by you at all costs because they are driven by a karmic debt. Now perhaps your loved one hurt you so much in a past life that you could never forgive them and therefore, due to your anger, this connection between you cannot be dissolved. In a new life, a new meeting can bring an opportunity for the guilty soul to solve this karmic debt (as the sin was committed against you).

The deep roots of our current relationships go back much fur

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