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Ghosts – energy or souls stuck here?

There are many explanations for ghosts and for ghosts’ existence. Some say they are energies in the atmosphere. Others say that ghosts are those souls that could not get through to the spirit world.


Those who describe ghosts as energy imprints generally assume that this phenomenon occurs when people are very frightened at the moment of their death, for example that the victim was in an accident or was murdered. In this case, the person’s fear gets ‘stuck’ in the ether.

Psychics sense these imprints as a kind of image. In the presence of psychics these imprints activate, that is to say that a terrifying picture is projected, thus they are able to accurately detect what the soul felt at the moment of death.

There are two explanations

The other type of people who see ghosts hold that spirits are really souls who are stuck and not willing to follow the ‘light’ at the moment of their death, or – and this sounds very strange - due to a sudden death they do not realise that they have died.

Knowledgeable enthusiasts, however, consider both cases to be very rare. The light is what we see at the moment of our death, and it is so indescribably beautiful that nine out of ten say they cannot resist following it. In addition, every time there is a friendly soul or a family member or a spiritual leader waiting who leads the deceased to the other side.

It is not unusual, however, that a soul does not realise they’re dead. This is only likely if, for example, the person was drunk at the time of their death, or was under the influence of some kind of mind-altering drug and therefore cannot distinguish between reality and imagination.

The space-time prison

How does it feel to be a soul stuck in a world where no one sees you and no one can hear you? Terrible! In addition, the unconscious mind does not know what is happening to it. Mediums who talk about ghosts often describe this condition as a giant fog. These lost souls can hear and see the people around them, but they cannot communicate with them, so they just move things, or disrupt the operation of electrical equipment. That is because they want to draw attention

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