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Ghosts in the house?

Is it possible that we share our homes with invisible residents? The following three signs should help us recognise the presence of ghosts in the house.


Have you ever felt that someone was watching you while there was no one else in the house? Or let's say you thought a passing breeze was just the wind but no window was open? People who often experience similar signs might not realise that spirits could reside in their home.

Strange electrical device phenomena

Many people claim that a favourite pastime of ghosts is playing with electrical devices. For example, the TV might suddenly turn on without anyone touching the remote control, or some unexpected interference may interrupt a radio broadcast. The explanation behind this is that the magnetic fields surrounding electrical equipment may be tempting for ghosts. It may be that they load their own energy levels up by these interactions and they might also use them as communication channels. In this case, we observe that the electrical behaviour of our devices change and becomes strangely erratic.

Strange noises

Spirits need a big effort to make real noises - but they are still capable of it. They can imitate human sounds such as hooting, hissing and many other sounds. According to spirit researchers, however, this phenomenon is the least likely to be observed.

Temperature changes

The most classic symptom of a ghostly presence is when a region suddenly has a different temperature, often feeling much colder and sometimes, less usually, it has a noticeably warmer air than is perceived in other areas. Some say this could be the reason that when a spirit wants to 'contact us' it creates an air pressure difference which may also be related to the temperature change.

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