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Goddess Meditation

There are several ways and methods to connect with the energy of the Goddesses, but the easiest way is meditation. Each Goddess has her own physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics. Therefore they could help us in several areas of our lives.


The easiest way to connect to the energy of the Goddesses is meditation. Let’s sit comfortably in a relaxed position, in a peaceful place where nobody can disturb us. Light a white candle and start the meditation!

4 Steps for Performing ‘Goddess Meditation’

1. Take three deep breaths and relax each part of your body while exhaling. Go deeply into your body, let the stress flow away, then imagine how wonderful it is being a Goddess!

2. Pay full attention to the rhythm of your breathing! Watch your bodily movements carefully, then concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation and the feeling during this process when the air enters your body and leaves it via your nose! Let your attention gently shift onto your breathing. If your attention shifts away from your breathing (this will happen many times during this process) just go back to listening to and observing your breathing

3. Enjoy the inhalation and exhalation process for a couple of minutes and then imagine that you are the Goddess! What kind of Goddess is leading you at that moment? You will get the answer from your intuition, but you will have to listen to it in order to understand it. The purpose of the meditation is to calm down your mind in order to hear the voice of the Goddess.

4. When you are ready, ask yourself: What do I really need? You will get an intuitive answer again. You will be able to tune to the ‘frequency’ of the Goddess, and so hear her voice, if you meditate twice a day (just after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night).

Which Goddess should be called and When to do it?

Andromeda: If you have difficulties understanding your dreams.

Aphrodite: When you do not like your body or when you are looking for your SOUL MATE!

Artemis: When you have to fight in order to achieve your goal.

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