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Karma resolution techniques

The consequences of the mistakes of our previous lives are being felt in our present lives. The following karma resolution principles and techniques will help you to get rid of these burdens.


Good Deeds

According to the law of karma the consequences of our deeds come back to us, whether good or bad. Therefore, the more good deeds we perform in this life, then the more they will come back to us in another life. This generosity is an essential exercise to help clean up our karma.


The good intentions behind actions can dissolve bad karma on their own terms, because they show up as a positive energy flow. It is not always the result that matters or whether it pleased someone or not, the good intentions behind an act play the largest role in karma resolution.


The practice of meditation can be used as a way of purifying the mind and releasing negative thoughts. Most of the meditation processes start with the observation of the ideas generated in the mind, which allows you to flush the negative, restrictive, malignant, or self-destructive thoughts and feelings from your mind. These clarifying and purifying thoughts experienced during meditation harmonise the soul and upload positive energies. This will cause you and others to generate more love, which plays an important role in karma resolution.


Mantras are symbolic statements aimed at cleaning up ideas. The ancient sacred chanting of mantras is itself a form of karmic resolution and it may be because its purpose is to make our beings and our actions clearer. One of the most powerful Buddhist mantras is “Om mani padma om”. Meaning: “Behold the gem in the lotus!” It compels you to take notice of the process of constant change occurring amongst calm and divine focus.

Sacred Music

Religious, sacred music is a part designed to purify the physical body, and to let sublime feelings fill your soul. Listening to such lofty, sacred music also helps our karmic block dissolution.


Mudras are symbolic hand positions, which clear up energy blocks in the body and help change spiritual habits, th

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