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Let’s make our own magic bag!

Bags, pouches, sacks and packets have been used for magical purposes for thousands of years. These seemingly insignificant little things are one of the most popular tools of magic.


These magic bags have many different names and can be found in all cultures around the world. They are called such names as Wang, gris-gris, mojo bag or putsi. Magicians and shamans feed them with power objects - herbs, feathers, spices, wood, crystals, etc. - which are good for health, luck, protection, and so on.

We can make these bags ourselves, but it can also be a gift for others. Moreover, we can even place them in our home in prominent places so from time to time we can look at them.

The preparation of a lucky bag

We can create our own lucky bag by first cutting out 38cm x 38cm squares of silk, leather or other natural materials. The bag should be quite big so you can fit several things in it. Select the material and colour of the bag so as to attract the desired energy. Always put at least one crystal, some symbols, some herbs and a few drops of essential oil in it!

Here are some examples of what to put in your bag depending on your desired objective :


Color: green, purple.

Crystal: jade.

Herbs: basil, mustard, nutmeg.

Symbols: four leaf clover, cube, butterfly.

Essential oils: ginger, rosemary.


Color: orange, red.

Crystal: citrine.

Herbs: cinnamon, poppy seed.

Symbols: star, bee, dragonfly.

Essential oils: bergamot, jasmine.


Color: green, purple.

Crystal: aventurine.

Herb: jasmine, dill, mint.

Symbols: gold coins, stars, keys, wheat.

Essential oils: thyme, pine and bay.

As we prepare our bag of luck, let us think of drawing the thing into your life that you most desire . Let’s put some of the crystals, herbs, symbols and a few drops of essential oil into our bag. Finally, tie it together tightly with a string or a ribbon so that its contents can’t fall out.

Finally, if you want the bag to fully belong to you, you can sit quiet

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