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Lose weight with the power of your thoughts!

Today, among all the new year resolutions probably the most popular all around the world is about ‘losing weight next year’. Not coincidentally since obesity is in epidemic proportions today. Instead of the super diets and bullet-proof weight loss programs, try to lose weight with the power of your ideas!


Since obesity is not only not attractive, but also causes serious health problems, what could be more natural than that all overweight people are trying different methods to get rid of excess weight. The problem is that this is not an easy task. Those pounds gained over the years will not melt off in a few hours or weeks, it takes strict dieting and much self-sacrifice. To replace this, a self-hypnosis diet was created, which is based on the power of the mind to put the diet into practice.

Causes of Obesity

There are many reasons for obesity, from diseases causing weight gain, through drugs with similar effects to abnormal gluttony. However, we can state that the average person today lives a life with little physical exercise, with not enough fresh water and mostly unhealthy food to eat.

To achieve the ideal body weight and maintain it requires that our way of life should be fundamentally changed. Our diet should contain mostly fresh, controlled organic fruits and vegetables, 2-3 litres of still mineral water to drink daily, much more exercise and movement, and at least eight hours of sleep per night.

Self-hypnosis Diet

Our society greatly favours the expectations of obesity and allows little opportunity for lifestyle changes. We go to our workplaces by car or public transport, eat processed foods, and try more and more to chip away from our periods of sleep so we can work more or go out. If the will to change is spelled out in ourselves, it is a really good sign. However, a lot of effort is still needed from now until the goal is achieved.

Habits are not easy to change, because all changes generate tensions within us, and our bodies seek constant peace both physically and mentally. In a sense, the self-hypnosis diet harks back to the minds of children, as it uses the mind's abilities which children are able to apply to such a high level: to imagine what doesn’t exist, but with the mind to make it real ove

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