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Love Prediction at Home

If you are looking for answers to questions about love, we can purchase an apple, a box of matches or a candle, and you can start a prediction.


Apple Peel Divination

This is an old tradition and you can easily get answers to your love questions by using this method. For the prediction, while peeling an apple, you are thinking of your questions or the person to whom this question applies. After peeling off the apple skin, throw the spiral skin over your left shoulder behind your back. Sometimes a character is formed out of the apple skin on the ground and that can be the initial (first letter) of the one who loves you, but may be the first letter of a word such as yes or no. If you peel an apple in the shape of a heart, you can be happy, because it predicts the person we thought of was fulfilled with love.

Two matchsticks

Love related questions can be answered by two matchsticks. Place them parallel to each other in a matchbox. Light the two matchsticks, and you think of that very person whom you want to know and whether she/he likes you or not. If the incinerated matchsticks incline towards each other then this implies that the two people are still living in an emotional bond. If one of the matches will not burn down and soon the flame goes out, or bends the end of the stick away from the other, this suggests that a person's emotions have cooled down. In this case, unfortunately, there’s nothing to do.

Three drops of wax

The wax prediction also can be used for a quick test to find out how to develop the love of our life in the near future. A version of this is when hot wax drops are placed in a bowl of cold water. Light dark-colored candles and then wait for about five minutes. While watching a candle flame, think of the question. When the candle has melted enough, drip three drops of wax into a cold water-filled container. Let us examine what kind of shape we see in the bowl, after the wax became firm. Intuition has a major role in the interpretation of the shape of the wax, in the followi

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