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Loyalty Magic in 3 Steps

Are you afraid of getting separated from your partner? Do you feel that your partnership is on the rocks?? Or maybe you would just like to strengthen your relationship? Loyalty Magic can help!


Even in the best relationships crises and critical moments can occur when one feels that the other person is getting away from them emotionally. In this case, apart from being patient and waiting, it is worthwhile to take same conscious steps to get through the hard times. Then “Knot Magic” is a subtle way to influence the outcome of such a critical situation.

1st Step

Performing “Knot Magic” we will need two pieces of coloured ribbons. Choose a blue one, if you want add strength to their loyalty, and a yellow one if you have communication issues. You can use your own colours if you feel that they are more expressive and that they symbolise you and your partner more.

Get the ribbons ready and while knotting them together think about what you want to achieve. It may be, for example, that you wish that your lover would get closer to you, or your lover could be faithful, or just be able to discuss problems with you. Knot the ribbons together while you are concentrating on your goal. Then place these symbolic ‘ties’ in a safe place!

2nd Step

The next step will require three candles, a hand-mirror and a photo of your partner. Place the hand-mirror on the table, so you can see your own face in it, and place three candles around the mirror in a trianglular arrangement. Hold the photo of your partner in your hand and alternately look into the mirror and at the photo. You will feel the emotional connection between you and any possible problems as well. Think of your partner with love and light the candles. Radiate honest and pure love towards them. Experience the satisfaction for a while and then blow out the candles!

3rd Step

The purpose of the last step is to be aware of your the inner and outer beauty. If you see yourself as beautiful it will have an impact on your partner too. You will need a couple of pieces of hair, a photo of yourself, an envelope, a red candle and a piece of paper. Look at the photo and wri

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