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Magic-belt Love Ritual

Attention ladies! Would you like to be attractive to every single man? If yes, then perform the Magic-belt love ritual and you will be become irresistible!


According to legend the one who wears the magic-belt will become irresistible. This magic has two steps : first we have to prepare the magic box and then secondly we have to perform enchantments on the pieces of cloth inside the box.

The First Part – the Magic-box

Ingredients : 1 pink candle; 1 piece of red cloth to use as the lining of the box; 1 middle size box (made from wood or paper), enough red paint to cover this box.

Decoration: hearts, shells, roses

We have to prepare the magic-box before we start the second part of the ritual. Draw a white protective light circle around yourself and light the pink candle while you are performing this ritual! Paint the box with red paint and decorate this box with the symbols of love like hearts, shells and roses!

The Second Part - Enchantment

As our magic box is now ready, you can start the enchantment that will make us able to prepare a belt using our lingerie so at the end of this process we will be irresistible while we wear this belt.

Ingredients: 1 handful of rose petals; 4 drops of rose-oil; 4 red candles; pink sealing wax; red ribbon; silk (use as lining); and finally your favourite lingerie.

Place the rose petals in a glass bowl and pour the rose-oil on top of the petals, and then pray to the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, to come and visit you in the middle of the white light circle with the following words: “Goddess of Love and Beauty please come and stay with me during this ritual and please fill me in with your energy!”

Light all four candles and while they are burning imagine and then believe that you are filled with irresistible attractiveness! Then place your favourite lingerie in the box, cover with the silk lining and say the following magic words aloud : “Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, please change the lingerie to a magic-belt, so I can become irresistible by this magic-belt!” Following the prayer close the box, put the ribbon around

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