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Magic to re-ignite your relationship

The initial flame of love sometimes fades over time and passion leaves your relationship. In this case, everything must be done that can be done in order to stoke the flame and maintain the passion!


This love ritual will help you re-ignite fading emotions and passions. It can be interpreted as a kind of relationship saving ceremony. The ritual should be done on a weekend before the full moon !

Ingredients: 1 red candle scented with jasmine incense and yellow fabric or textile

Before the ritual prepare the site and create a relaxed atmosphere. It is important to choose a time when no one will disturb you!


Before you begin the ritual, you must purify your body: Take a hot, fragrant bath and while you breathe, quietly absorb the energy. Now prepare the area and the space too! Imagine that you are in a circle and while spinning in a circular motion spray protective white light around yourself! This closes the space, so that you can start the ceremony.

Steps of the ritual

The ritual process

First - Place the yellow fabric on the altar, or, if there is no altar, a table. The yellow colour amplifies the energy of the universe to achieve the desired result. Sit in silence for a while until you feel that your mind has grown quiet.

Second - When you are ready, light a red candle and say the following words : "Wake up soul, may the love-light spread across my wish to be blessed!"

Third - Focus on your love desires and your relationships!

Fourth - Take the incense in your right hand and light it with the candle flame. Meanwhile, say your wish out loud. Formulate your desire in the present tense! (Example : "True love is here with me." Or : "The flame of passion sustains my relationship.")

Fifth - Now imagine what it would be like if the relationship was already the way that you wanted it!

Sixth - Let the candles burn for an hour, and then extinguish them!

Seventh - Light a candle every day and leave it for an hour to burn until it is consumed!


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