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Money in your wallet

Money has energy, and its wonderful vibrations can allow us to satisfy our ambitions. Its nice to have money and even better to have a lot! Imagine having so much money that we do not even think about it, and can spend whatever we want, whenever we want to!


The Wallet – Is the “home” of our money, and our wealth depends a lot on the quality of our wallet.

How can we learn to control money’s magic energy? Magic can do anything and now we can use it again! If you follow a few simple magic rules in the selection of your wallet and its treatment, the magic will increase the cash in your pocket.

After sometime following the rules, you may see some benefits: Someone could unexpectedly repay their debts to you, or your salary might be raised. You may receive an inheritance or lottery win.

The most important first step is to select the right wallet. Nowadays there are a lot of wallets available in many colors and forms – leather, suede, fabric and plastic. Whatever wallet your choose, it is not recommended to buy cheap wallet as it can emanate the energy of poverty, resisiting large denomination notes, that may have almost no chance to get inside it.

It does not mean that you have to go to the most expensive shop and buy the most exclusive and fashionable wallet. Even spending all your money to get the most expensive wallet available, doesn’t mean that you will get this money back immediately.

You wallet should be solid and stylish, like the ones that other successful people have. It is also important that it has separate sections for banknotes and coins.

Some people think that only a leather wallet can attract money energy which is misleading. The truth is that the material is not the most important thing, but plastic is definitely not good as a material for wallet as it does not carry any material energy. It’s artificial and that is why it blocks access to natural energy.

Even if you really prefer a modern contemporary style, you can always find an original wallet made of suede.

The color of the wallet also is important. The color should be one of the colors of earth or metal. Green color is also a good color.

Now lets see how the wallet should b

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