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Money-magic with Abundantia’s Cornucopia

Abudantia is the Goddess of wealth and financial success whose cornucopia filled with riches will bring wealth to everybody.


If we would like to be part of financial success given by the Goddess, then perform the following ritual! We should start the ritual when the moon is waxing or at the full moon, because this is the best period for wealth creation. Gather all the ingredients and tools and get ready for the ritual and prepare to accept wealth!


You will need the following: A few mustard seeds, orange or cinnamon scented oil, a small bowl, a green candle, a few matches, a palm-sized piece of cloth (for the cornucopia), a small sheet of paper, a coin, a piece of citrate (this is the stone of riches) and a gold coloured cord.


Position yourself comfortably and relax! Take a few deep breaths and let all your fears regarding money go! In order to attract money it is important to have only positive thoughts about money. The Goddess of wealth is happy to give money to everyone, we should not worry that our dream will not come true. If you have emptied your mind, and we are standing cleansed in front of the Goddess then we can start the ritual (the Cornucopia ceremony).

Ritual Steps

Sprinkle some mustard seeds into the bowl, then place the bowl and the other ingredients nearby so they are at hand. Then sit quietly and concentrate on the energy of wealth and abundance with which we want to fill the cornucopia!

Call Abudantia the Goddess with the following words: “Abudantia, all wealth and prosperity are yours. I call you to witness my wish!” Then scratch a circle on the candle and draw a $ (dollar sign) in the middle of the circle and underneath your initials and your star sign! Light the candle and say your wish out loud!

"Abundantia’s spirit shines brightly,

I ask a solid foundation for my wish.

I do not need many sacks of gold,

My only wish is to never run out of money."

Look into the light of the c

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