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Numerology Forecast 2011 March

How to work out your forecast for march 2011? Simply add your Birth Day plus your Birth Month together and look for your corresponding forecast. For example : 12th November = 12 + 11 = 23 ; or 5th March = 5+3=8.


D+M=1, 10, 19, 28 OR 37

Keep your eyes open for opportunities that may come your way, some of these opportunities may bring about a sense of freedom. This is a time to expand some of your existing endeavours. Keep on the lookout for new ventures between March 6th and 20th. Remain businesslike in your manner. Be realistic and practical in your approach, examine all possibilities. Plan your workload for the coming year, allow it to fit in with your other activities. New business associates will come to the surface mid March.

D+M = 2, 11, 20, 29 OR 38

This is a month to resolve issues that have been pending for the past few months. You will feel more relief towards the end of the month. Friendships or relationships may need your attention towards the end of March and this could bring about strong emotions. It is a time to be compassionate and a time to stay in control. Avoid quarrels and upsets and keep your feelings under control. Ensure that those around you are heard and listen to their point of view.

D+M = 3, 12, 21, 30 OR 39

The changes you made in February will be completed this month. You may feel a sense of isolation from those around you over the last few months. Put your plans into action. Take on some new studies. Consider getting out with nature or meditate. This isolation will not last, so enjoy it while you have it. Move forward carefully. Look for new opportunities but don't force the issue. Ensure that others do not impose on you or restrict your quiet time.

D+M=4, 13, 22, 31, OR 40

Continue with your plans allowing yourself to take delays in your stride. Keep your projects running as smoothly as you can. Put the insights you gained last year into action now. During the second week of this month you may feel tense or nervous. Do not allow this stress to impede your progress. It is important to keep a cool head and avoid conflict with those close to you.


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