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Psychic abilities

Psychic ability is often suppressed by outside stimuli and effects, therefore it is possible that there are people who are not aware of their special psychic abilities.


There is some sort of psychic characteristic, which is more advanced in some people than in others, but this ability does not always become a psychic skill, especially if the person is not paying enough attention to develop it. Some people can communicate with the spirit world, others can anticipate the future and some people can read others’ thoughts. Supernatural skills can be divided into four main groups.

1. Pure Vision – The Third Eye

People with pure vision (clairvoyance) can sense spiritual entities. Spiritual entities may appear for them as physical beings, or they can see them with their third eye through a ‘mental screen’. However, a person with this skill can face difficulties with the interpretation of the messages coming from the spirit worlds. Spirits are mainly communicating with us by using the language of symbols, therefore sometimes it takes time to decode and understand the meaning of these symbols and great empathic capabilities are required.

2. Clairaudience

People with the skill of pure hearing are able to sense the voices and noises made by spirits –either as an inner voice or as a stimulus from outside themselves. They can hear voices that others cannot. In this case clairvoyants can tune themselves to a special bandwidth of vibration which cannot be heard by the majority of people, except animals – for example dogs - are sensitive to these sounds. A clairaudient can sense a message in many different ways. For example, some psychics can notice human speech, a singing voice or a whisper even if the room is totally quiet and perhaps this is the spirit world wanting to communicate or send a message to them.

3. Clairsentience

Psychics with this skill are able to tune themselves to the ‘atmosphere’ of other human beings, and are therefore able to understand and sense the emotional and physical problems of others as if they were their own. It is no coincidence that many healers have t

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