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Relationships from our past lives

Sometimes there are inexplicable events such as meetings with certain people when a strange feeling of having known each other for a long time takes control of you. What are the tell tale signs of such a friend, family member or lover with whom we have had a prior connection in a past life?


Intense emotions

The most obvious sign of an unfinished relationship carried over from a previous life is intense emotion experienced even at the first meeting – it can be positive or negative feelings, because both types of feelings point to an intense emotional separation. In this case the relationship most likely ended with anger or pain, so the souls got together again arranged by Fate or the Universe in order to settle down or solve any outstanding issues.

Selfish Soul-mate

Another sign of having a previous life connection with someone is that this relationship makes us change and move in a more positive direction. If you feel that that person changes your life (or at least changes something in it), changes your attitude towards life, or in a word inspires us (for example we start something new in our life), in this case the suspicion should arise that we have met our soul mate and we will have to teach each other some important things across more than one lifetime. In many cases we resist this change so our partner has to be radical, or even provocative, in order to make us change. Therefore a motivational relationship is not always necessarily pleasant, but it can cause big changes in us.

Unusual reactions

If during the first meeting we experience unusual reactions in our bodies it is also an indication of meeting somebody who is well known to us from one of our previous lives. Besides having stomach tremors, shaking legs or feeling a strange numbness in our lips, different types of emotional reactions can appear. For example, experiencing an unusual feeling like meeting an old friend that we haven’t seen for a long time, but for a person we have never met before, can raise an alert in us that we may have just met somebody from one of our past lives.

Big loves

If you experience a more than normal (in a given situation) feeling t

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