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Seduction Using Love Magic

Magic (including love magic) has been used since the beginning of time, in order to seduce that particular person of choice. Today, with the world of the Internet, where people are less likely to meet each other in person this sort of magic is needed even more.


But before anyone can start to perform love magic, it is necessary to note the fact that magic can be white or black. There is nothing negative in love magic itself, of course, but not all circumstances (i.e. the situation of the targeted person) are the same. In other words, if, say, someone would like to separate a person from their family, their children or from an existing relationship, meaning they would destroy an existing partnership, then this would constitute black magic.

When we use magic our only judge is our own conscience, so be honest with yourself and don’t do anything which could harm your fellow man!

Love-magic in the old days….

The first person who used this sort of magic to get the love of Eve was Adam himself in Paradise. Adam used an apple, a symbol of fertility, as a tool. We can assume that Adam wanted to achieve some sort of sexual experience rather than knowledge.

The method itself, of course, was later differentiated and varied in many ways. Starting with a simple prayer with no tools required through to the special ones using special tools such as the clothes of a dead man, the hair and nails of the object of desire (the targeted person) and finally those which require chemical materials prepared in laboratories as tools. But the bottom line is always the same - to generate love and sexual desire in somebody who is physically, and in their soul, far away from us.

…and now

Not many people would acknowledge that they have used a love magic technique to get love, or to make their current relationship better, but many businesses use the principles of this magic, such as t-shirts and pullover makers who put the names of loved ones on their products, or the perfumes with different sexual fragrances (which are indeed sexual stimulants). Many lonely women and men spend fortunes on a special fragrance which could attract their loved one, and the results are overwhelming. Ev

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