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Spiritual Protection Crystals

Crystals can protect us from negative forces. Strong vibrational energy is absorbed or reflected by diverting the negative energies.


If you have a friend whose companionship you find troublesome, rather than interrupting or completely cutting off any contact with them, you can protect yourself from them with the help of crystals! Crystals are also an effective defense if, say, you have a colleague at work who absorbs energies and radiates malicious energies in your direction. This is very harmful in the long run, and you had better do something about it. Wear strong grounding effect stones, such as hematitot, turquoise or obsidian, because they inhibit the ‘energy vampires’!

Which crystal is suitable?

If you want to keep robbers away from your home, you can insert turquoise and smoky quartz crystals at the entrance. If you want to balance your workplace resonance, you must first find a place where people spend a lot of time, such as the receptionist’s desk, and put harmonising Minerals nearby, such as kianitot or rose quartz and also crystals that naturally absorb negative radiation, such as rock crystal. Also keep a stone in the car, such as red jasper or aquamarine, so you know your vehicle is safe and accidents can be avoided.

Crystal Spray Cleaner

Make a crystal cleaning spray to use every day and wash off the harmful vibrations that surround you or direct you and can appear in negative energy imprints. The spray is also great if you're going to party, and many people are around you, because the mixture of energy of all these people can take away your strength.

To prepare the cleaning sprays you will need the following seven crystals : rock crystal, amethyst, lapis lazuli, malachite, tiger eye, jasper and garnet. The spray can be prepared on the night of full moon.

Other ingredients: a cup of sea salt, a glass bowl which holds 1 litre of liquid and a spray bottle.

Wash the crystals in the salt water and then place them in a glass bowl filled with water. Leave the bow

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