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The Art of Drinking Tea

There are several ways of drinking tea. We can drink tea in a ritual way, like any of the other traditional tea drinking nations. We can drink tea from a nice china tea cup set while listening to music, or in complete silence and in a relaxed environment. We can drink tea in the company of our best friends or by ourselves enjoying the deepest connection with our soul. There is a positive impact on our soul, and therefore on our body too, of the tea drinking preparation process itself.


Nobody knows the origin of the habit of drinking tea exactly, but there is one definite thing and that is that drinking tea is really popular all over the world. The biggest tea drinkers are the Chinese and Indians, in those countries tea drinking rituals are performed according to strict rules. If you look closely at the skin of these nations’ women, they have beautiful spotless skin as a result of regularly drinking tea (among other healthy habits as well). 

Do it with style!

In Europe, many people love this heartwarming drink, but most of them use tea as a natural herbal remedy or medicine or as a stimulant. In fact, even the simplest types of tea – camomile or rosehip - can be an effective tool in the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, and at the same time can act as a stimulant. The ritual of tea drinking is much more than just those practical functions (stimulant, etc.), the point is that the effect of the tea drinking ritual happens on a physical and a psychological level too.

Coffee or tea?

There is no doubt that the passion for coffee has its own beauty, and even in some ways – of course in moderation- can help maintain health. Why is tea still a better choice? There are many arguments in its favour.

It is true that early in the morning both tea and coffee can be equally pleasant, but the stimulant effect of coffee is activated really quickly (your heart rate increases, you become more alert) but at the same time this effect fades away as quickly as it came (after just an hour or so you would probably have to drink your next coffee). On the other hand tea has much slower and longer lasting effects on the human body. Coffee makes you hyperactive, while tea knows exactly what your body needs. In the morning it makes you alert, during the day it helps in concentration, at night it makes you feel relaxed. In the meantime tea makes your immune system stronger and improves the performance of

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