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The five most powerful healing crystals

Natural crystals have a healing effect on our bodies. The crystals harmonise the operation of the human body and help to treat psychological problems too.



Even from just its orange colour we can conclude that this crystal has a great energising effect. It radiates happiness, joy, increases optimism and attracts wealth and abundance on all levels. This crystal is a powerful tool in healing, especially if problems with the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra or the crown chakra need to be remedied. But it heals the stomach, gall bladder and liver and also relieves indigestion. Since this crystal gives energy it is also an excellent remedy for fatigue. It improves moods, boosts self-esteem and reduces anxiety and fear, therefore it is highly recommended for shy and helpless people.

Lapis lazuli

This beautiful blue stone will increase your spiritual abilities and protect the spiritual level of consciousness from attacks. It is no coincidence that the Egyptian Pharaohs also used it for magical purposes. It is associated with the throat chakra and it will spur on communication. This crystal improves general vitality and has immune system boosting effects. It may be used in case of headaches and with high blood pressure treatments.


The amethyst is mainly connected with the crown-chakra. This crystal is excellent for headaches or depression but since ancient times is also good in the treatment of alcoholism. It helps obtain restful sleep and protects from troubled dreams. It contributes to overall energy balancing and therefore strengthens the immune system, increases vitality and the aura. Amethyst is an excellent tool to control blood pressure problems and with soothing and improving the condition of blood vessels.

Rock crystal

This crystal leads energy very well, therefore it is an ideal remedy for a variety of diseases. The full range of colours can be found in it so all the chakras can be treated with this. The crystal clear rock crystal can, with one tip, most effectively b

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