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The Letter That Sees The Future

A letter that sees the future is love magic and with the help of this letter you can attract ‘big love’ into your life. Anybody can perform this magic, no special skill is required to do this!


These letters are written as if someone is telling a story to somebody and as if things have already happened. The tense used while writing the letter is really important throughout the entire process. The letter should be written in the past tense, as if all that is in the letter has already happened. For example : “I woke up this morning with a smile on my face because when I opened my eyes I say that my lover was sleeping like a baby next to me. I got closer to them and gently hugged them. I was so happy, I felt that we belong together.”

The letter can be written in a diary entry style or it can be about an imaginary holiday, wedding or anything else - even a totally made up story. The letter can be about the first meeting with the loved one or the first date. It is important that the letter has detailed descriptions, filled with emotions and emotional language, because it is most important that we radiate and experience our emotions while writing the letter.

Everything is possible!

The letter writing process should be easygoing and flow freely in order that our subconscious can take the lead and so avoid any conscious ‘rational brain’ influence and filtering. Start reading the letter where you feel comfortable and where the environment is motivational. Find a place that helps you freely connect with your subconscious, where you can start communicating with it.

The Important Rule is that you must be honest all the while you are writing the letter and be deeply involved in the writing process with all your being. This is your life, where anything is possible!! Do not be overly cautious or careful, be brave and listen to your heart while writing the letter in order to find real love.

Letter-writing ritual

Open up a ‘power-circle’, light a candle and incense and sit in the middle of the circle! Breathe deeply, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a life where everything is exactly how you want it! Then

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