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The Trauma of Conception and Birth

It is no secret to anyone that the roots of our current lifestyle problems and health difficulties are in the distant past. There are various methods for their detection and treatment. However few people think that their problems may result from the prenatal period.


Esoteric psychology undertook the not inconsiderable task to return those who were interested to the initial phase of their lives through hypnosis. This experience is startling to say the least! The trip back still obeys the constraints of time and only those people who have seen and understood their birth experience are able to return to the time of their conception. Apparently at the moment of conception the personality already exists and experiences and senses things and events.


Memories of the embryonic age

From today's perspective, perhaps the strangest thing is that we were all present, psychologically speaking, at the time of our own conception. Through hypnosis people can recall memories that are so strong that some have seen their own parents, the place and the moment of conception, and felt a kind of irresistible force that attracted them. Esoteric psychology has therefore proved that man is present at the moment of conception as well as at the funeral.

Then comes the cold shower, as it were. There is a habit of blaming the onset of adult mental problems on some childhood traumas, but those who have experienced their own memories of life in the uterus have a different view, the most terrifying experiences reach us in the uterus. During this period our bodies are formed of only a few tiny cells, but our spirits hold thousands of years of information and knowledge. Now it is not so surprising if the foetus is a more mature soul than its parents.

It is clear that what every thought and feeling of the mother during pregnancy has an effect on the foetal soul. The parents’ responsibility is huge. First, they cannot allow anything on an emotional, mental or physical level that could possibly harm the baby. On the other hand, they have to treat their baby from the moment of conception as an intelligent, self-conscious being.

The trauma of birth

Doctors, psychologists and nurses all agree th

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