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Was I born wild?

Some birthdays are like an ‘astrological bombshell’ or ‘astro-bomb’! Every year the people who were born on this day are, almost literally, born wild.


Do you know any alternative, surprising, unpredictable, stubborn, rebellious, crazy, exciting, exhilarating people? Chances are good that they are the ones who were born on such a special day. Let's look at a quick list to check if they match the patterns, and so perhaps they're not accidentally born ‘wild’!

User guide to the ‘wild ones’

Those who were born on this date (or a day or two either side), are under the influence of the insane Uranus, so a lot of freedom and a huge living space will be necessary. The ‘wild ones’ are the worst behaved just around their birthdays, in the most rebellious and the craziest ways. In no way should you organise to go paragliding or bungee jumping on these days because the safely contained Uranus energy can easily escape again. Better to keep Pandora's box closed!

If your love was born on one of these dates, do not try to tell him what to do! These people are true rebels and explode when they are forced to step in line. They don’t tolerate rules, nor the authority of a powerful person, such as the school's director, the boss, or a busybody girlfriend.

The ‘wild ones’ special abilities

These people under the influence of Uranus are often ahead of their time. What they now believe, will be declared tomorrow by the world! They are often familiar with the strangest, most bizarre and latest technical innovations in the world. Sometimes they are real inventors, and only a few people know just how to follow them or can even understand their logic. They have sudden, lightning-like recognition. In general, they usually belong to the those of the “not-well-understood”.

Some 'wild' birthdates:

1965 September 8

1966 September 14

1967 September 18

1968 September 22

1969 September 28

1970 October 3

1971 October 7

1972 October 11

1973 October 17

1974 October 22

1975 October 26

1976 October 30

1977 November 5<

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