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What Can We Use Numerology For?

Even sceptics are touched by the world of numbers. There is no human being who has not discovered a certain type of connection between the elements that determine our lives and numbers. Could it just be a coincidence or do numbers really have a magic power?


We can assign a number to everything that surrounds us – including our own names, occupations and destinies, etc. This is the foundation of the ancient science of numerology. Studying the world of numbers can be exciting and good fun too, and with a little attention numerology can get us closer to understanding ourselves and our environment too.

Fate and numbers

It is maybe familiar that wherever you move there is one particular number that occurs in your address or a number in your date of birth which appears again and again in the different areas of your life. There are people who never pay any attention to these re-appearing numbers, but with some numerological knowledge you can discover interesting connections between the events in your life.

Not only the elements of your life, but also the changes in your life, can be explained by using numbers. Of course it does not mean that you can manipulate your life or personality by making some calculation and changing your name based on your calculations or by moving to another city that corresponds with your calculations. Of course your personality is much too complex to be influenced in this way or for you to be ‘reborn’ with a new personality by only changing your name.

Numbers are helping us

Numerology – even if you cannot change your personality - can help a lot and can be useful when you have to make decisions in order to determine your future life. This is really important that your intention is not to change yourself or your personality; your main intention should be to get to know yourself more and more with the help of numerology and rebuild your life based on the newly acquired knowledge about yourself. You may ask the help of numbers if you have partnership issues, or if you would like to know your partner better in order to freshen up your relationship.

When you try to analyse a person in the mirror of numerology do not be surprised if the pic

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