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What is After Death?

Mankind has been afraid of death ever since they became aware of it. We are the only creatures on earth who have the awareness that we will die. Deriving from our human nature we, consequently, are also against our ’finiteness’; we are unable to accept that after the body dies, the soul will come to nothing too.


We have all lost relatives and our loved ones, so we know exactly how terrible grief is. For days, weeks or even months we cannot, or perhaps do not even want to, realise that those whom we loved, whom we talked to, whom we were recently involved with, will never be a part of our lives again. You would do anything just to be with them, see them and touch them once more. But from death, there is no return.

Or is there? Countless books, including the Bible, clearly say that there is eternal life. Death is actually just the physical body ceasing to exist. The soul and/or the ego are eternal, developing in a ceaseless cycle to be born again, until perfection is reached.


It can provide some comfort to the bereaved family members if they know that death is not painful, even if it was preceded by long suffering. When death approaches a pleasant feeling overwhelms the dying person, they settle down and relax as if falling asleep, the mind moves farther away from reality, the limbs relax and the life force gradually extends towards the head. Meanwhile, the dying soul floats above the physical body connected to the physical body by a silver thread through the head.

At this moment the dying person’s aura is silver and there is still the potential for a reversal of this process. People who have returned from ‘clinical death’ have reported such experiences many times. If death occurs the silver thread breaks and there is no longer a chance of return.

The moments after death

The deceased, after death occurs, does not regret the loss of their life. Instead a lot of other things occupy them, like an overview of their life. Their joys, successes, failures and mistakes are all ’rolled out’ before them.

It is particularly important that the relatives who are left behind, no matter how deep their grief is, do not to restrict the deceased from moving on with their pain. Our main task is

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