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What is happiness?

Everything living seeks happiness and aims towards satisfaction. From plants and animals to humans, all living beings are trying to find and maintain that state in which they feel the best, and which is the most advantageous for their development. What is the reason, though, that many people are unhappy? And what is happiness in general?


To answer the question, or at least get closer to the answer, we should define what happiness is. And at that point we will be beginning to understand what prevents us from achieving this. Happiness is not an easily definable concept, as it means something different to everyone. A common human trait in us all is our desire to always want more than just that which is currently available.

Possible Answers

Some want financial security, or even more, they strive for riches. For others a balanced family and relationships are the most important things. Still others are convinced that it is enough to just be healthy and then everything else is easily accessible. It depends on our individual temperament which group we belong to, but what is certain is that in our lives we encounter obstacles while trying to reach these goals.

When chasing our desires, or working on building up the material foundations of our life, we often forget that we all have a specific destined task. How easy it would be if this task, or fate, was just like a school lesson and could be completed easily by each one of us! The solution however often remains hidden for decades or even for a whole lifetime…

Three ways to happiness

Whether you like it or not, if you keep an eye on it or just act unconsciously, your personality is constantly evolving. According to Indian wise men, there are multiple paths to fulfilment and happiness. The fact remains that which path we walk is sometimes a result of our own choices, but at other times is the consequence of accidents. However, any path we walk is directed towards the goal of our life!

The three main paths are the following :

Action is the path chosen by most people. They are the ones who are not conscious of their own goal, nor are they conscious of the way leading to it. They seek happiness in a wide range of actions, searching the forms of earthly satisfaction, accumulating objects, memories a

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